Gunpowder & Treason CupidBox E-Date

Gunpowder & Treason CupidBox E-Date

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Need a date night right now? 

Then this digital version of the Gunpowder & Treason box is exactly what you need.  You will receive everything you need via email, straight away!

The date is jam packed with Bonfire Night themed fun, including - 

  • A complete guide to your date night, the guide will take you on an educational trip through time to 1805 London with Guy Fawkes
  • A 20 minute "Language of Love" exercise to get you started
  • 3 different themed activities to do together as a couple, can you evade the Kings guards in our Guy Fawkes escape the room puzzle?
  • A custom playlist to match our Gunpowder and Treason theme
  • And its all delivered directly to your inbox!!