What is CupidBox?

CupidBox is a date night subscription service. Every month we will send a box containing everything you need to have a fun, no prep date night at home.

CupidBox is designed to help couples do something different and have some fun together.  The box is not themed around sex or romance, but is designed to be engaging and help you spend quality time and communicate as a couple.

What is in CupidBox?

The contents and theme of the box change every month, this keeps your monthly date night surprising and exciting.  In every box we will provide several activities and games for you and your partner.  We also provide conversation starters and talking points to keep your date flowing.  Dont worry, inside the box there is a complete guide to your date so you know exactly what to do with all the contents.

How much does CupidBox Cost?

There are several subscription plans available starting at just £25 per month.  If you sign up to the 3 or 6 month subscription plan you will make some awesome savings too.  

When will I get my CupidBox?

CupidBox is dispatched every month around the 15th.  your first CupidBox will be dispatched the month after you order it.

What if I dont like my CupidBox?

Your CupidBox will be different everymonth, we appreciate that everyone will have their favourites.  Not every box is going to be a favourite for everyone.  Please get in contact with us at customerservices@cupidbox.co.uk and give us your feedback.  We love hearing from you!

How do I change my card details/address details/subscription?

You can manage all of your personal details and also manage your subscription by simply logging into your account. 

How do I get my Spotify playlist?

Log on to your spotify account.  In the search bar, enter "CupidBox".  Scroll down to "Profiles".  Select the "CupidBox" profile.  You should see all of our available playlists.