What's In The Box?

Every CupidBox is completely unique with a different theme every month.  So you never get the same date twice...

However, we always get asked, "What's in the box??".  So here is a little guide to our boxes.

Guide Book - all of our date nights come with a guide book to accompany your evening and talk you through the contents of your box - 

Activities - each box will have a different set of activities.  The activities will fit the theme of the box you receive and will vary in quantity depending on the time it takes to complete each activity. 

Our activities are designed to be fun, make you work together, make you laugh, make you take a trip down memory lane, make you talk to each other.  Our activities range from artsy to logic puzzles from light-hearted laughs to bonding activities.  Each one is different and is designed specifically for the date you are on.


Snacks! - Date night is not complete without snacks!  Each box has a different snack, we try to avoid as many allergens as possible so all of our customers can enjoy the tasty delights and we try to be ethical and sustainable in our product choices.


Playlist - Each different theme has it's very own playlist of handpicked songs to match the theme and vibe of the evening.  And even if it's not a CupidBox date night, check out our Ultimate Slow Jams playlist on Spotify, perfect for every date night!


Every CupidBox date night is so different, we try to bring as much variety and fun to your date nights as we possibly can.  But we guarantee a lot of laughs, a lot of good times and a few hours of quality time together in every box - no prep needed!