The Big Bonding Box
The Big Bonding Box

The Big Bonding Box

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Never have time to sit down together and have a real date night?  Does trying to schedule a few hours of quality time feel impossible?  Do you still wish you could find some small ways to connect as a couple?  Then The Big Bonding Box is perfect for you!

The Big Bonding Box is filled with short 20-30 minute activities to do as a couple.  Just like our date night boxes, the activities are designed to help you connect, communicate and above all have a giggle.  But you can slot these short activities into your super busy lives easily.

Included in the box is 5 activities (including the "CupidBox Challenges" which features 6 activities), a 2019 CupidBox "This Is Our Year" Calendar to help you schedule some time together and as always a tasty snack to enjoy.

The Big Bonding Box is waiting....