Love Conquers All CupidBox

Love Conquers All CupidBox

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Looking for the perfect Date Night for this Saturday?

“Love Conquers All” is another of our unique CupidBox story dates.  We will immerse you in a themed story and include activities to really make you feel part of the story.

If you are looking for the perfect date night, not too cheesy, lots of laughs, a variety of fun activities to keep you both chatting and giggling for a few hours, this is the date night for you!

The box will come with - 

  • A complete guide to the date night
  • 6 fun “Love Conquers All” themed activities and games to make you laugh together
  • Some tasty snacks
  • Some date night essentials including candle, playlist and conversation starters. 
  • Yes, we even include the rose petals!
  • Free UK delivery

“Love Conquers All” first featured as our Feb 2019 subscription box